A 'zero waste world'

Our vision is to create a zero waste world for marketing budgets in the iGaming industry, where efficiency is at the heart of all marketing activity. Period.

We work towards our vision tirelessly by transforming our knowhow and data into purpose-built marketing technology with machine learning and advanced optimization at the core.

Since 2008 we have built several world leading digital marketing platforms in-house, while helping some of the most prominent advertisers in the world succeed with their online marketing. Still, we don't view ourselves as just a technology provider, but an extended arm of our partners. In many cases we work together as one team, with the same objectives and goals.

Our history

Our unique position comes from having worked with a wide range of advertisers, technology providers, publishers, and other media partners throughout the years.

Wiget has played the role of a media broker, ad-server, ad-network, Supply Side Platform, Ad-exchange, Data Management Platform, and Demand Side Platform. Having had multiple hats on throughout our history, we truly understand the goals, objectives and problems of all different stakeholders in the digital advertising landscape.

We truly believe this makes us absolutely unique in the industry today together with the problems we are trying to solve. Having shifted the majority of our focus to the iGaming industry since 2017, we can now combine all the technology and knowhow to deliver a game changing marketing stack to the worlds leading iGaming operators.

Our values

Everything we do and build at Wiget is fundamentally guided by our core values that we always keep close at heart.

Responsibility First

It goes without saying that responsible gaming is something we always put first. We build all our technology around data, and in doing so we can ensure compliance and responsible marketing for all our advertisers.

Make Everything Transparent

Digital marketing has been plagued by inefficiencies and black boxes for too long. We really think it's time for a change in this regard. Our north star when working with all our advertisers is to make their marketing activities as transparent as possible.

Black boxes can actually favor ad tech vendor profits in some cases, but we believe in profits deriving from value, not inefficiencies.

Stay Dynamic

If there's one thing we know, it's that the world of iGaming and marketing will look different tomorrow.

Whether it's new regulations, technological advancements, or changes in customer behavior, we understand that we need to not only adapt, but also in many cases predict and prepare.

Our goal is to always stay ahead of market changes, in order to position you ahead of the curve.

Make hard things easy

We work on solving many hard problems everyday; sometimes problems that no one else have solved in the world before us. But solutions have to be simple, quick to implement, not create any hassle with your legal team, and easy to manage.

We create all our solutions from our partners perspective, meaning that once a solution is ready it's pretty much plug and play for you.

Have fun

Solving complex problems that require creativity and hard work is so much easier when we have a smile on our faces. Whether it's working with our partners or our colleagues, we make sure to have a lot of fun while getting the job done.

Combining our values with the amazing people in our team, we solve problems that makes life easier for iGaming marketeers around the world.