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The preferred partner for iGaming demand

We represent the media buying-power for some of the biggest iGaming brands in the world across a broad range of markets, channels and ad formats.


What you can expect from us


We only represent the demand side and do not compete for publisher relationships


Our DSP provides a birds eye view your campaigns and lets you track NDC’s across multiple supply sources.


Real-time reporting API, on-time payments and multiple payment methods


Fast & easy step-by-step integration process


Our campaigns come from established brands with clean and safe creatives, and our ad categorization is IAB compatible

Let's get technical_

We've built our own high-capacity ad-server with minimal downtime and customizable endpoints.

Here are some useful quick-facts.

Average bid response time

99th percentile (< 10 ms)

Supported protocols

OpenRTB 2.4, XML feed& custom implementations

Data center location

Frankfurt (AWS)

Traffic filtering policies

Suspected duplicate auctions
Non-human impressions
Low quality sources

Integration criteria

We take pride in the quality of the traffic we provide access to for our advertisers, recognizing that this can only be fully achieved with a solid qualification and integration process as a cornerstone of our supply side partnerships.

Before applying, we recommend that you read some of our main requirements for SSP's and Ad Exchanges

Any applicant must..

Maintain 1st party publisher relationships. Rebrokered traffic may result in immediate termination of our feed.

Be able to provide full referer information (non-disclosures / non-competes can be established on request)

Support server-to-server tracking for all billable events (Impressions, clicks)

Have a solution in place to offer site-level bid information on demand.

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