Jan 25, 2022

Frank, our optimization AI is officially live!

Well hello! It’s probably been a while since you last heard from us. That is because our team has been hunkered down trying to solve a key engineering problem: how to offer true machine-learning based campaign optimization for iGaming operators. That’s a mouthful, but a real problem for most marketing teams: millions of dollars are being wasted bidding on worthless ad impressions that have little or no probability to lead to conversions.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Frank, our optimization AI, has left beta-phase and is ready to be deployed for all of our Wiget Ace customers. Installation is quick (just a simple JS snippet), and after launching your campaigns, Frank will immediately start adjusting bids, sources, technographic targeting and several other parameters based on interaction, sign-up and deposit signals from the pixel.

If you’re not already a Wiget Ace customer, feel free to sign up here.


Wiget Ace is a DSP tailored for iGaming operators. Tap in to +1b impressions / day, lower your acquisition costs and automate campaign management. Read more about the service here.

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