Aug 5, 2020

Wiget evolves once again

"What values do Wiget bring to the table?"

This question has been asked by our team since the first day of business back in February of 2008, and is the foundation on which we build our partnerships and products on. It's also this question that drives constant change within our confines, as well as forces us on the occasional trip outside of the box. By always critically looking at what values we can add in the ecosystem, we are forced to not only solve complex problems, but also simplifying the lives of our partners.

Thanks to our questioning of our own right to exist, we give our business a critical constant that demands an answer for our own and our partners sake. So by answering this existential question on a continuous basis, our team can feel confident that our work not only has meaning to ourselves, but also is of great value to all of our partners.

So with that said, and with the release of our new website today, we once again take on a new shape in our never ending evolution. To give you, and the rest of our partners, an oversight of what this means for you, let's dive into the details.

Over the past couple of years, a lot has changed at Wiget. We have gone from a more general adtech solution, to use all our expertise and knowhow to transform into marketing specialists for the iGaming industry. There are many reasons behind this shift, but the main one is really our expertise and knowhow from both adtech and iGaming. We have been a key media partner and affiliate to most of the leading iGaming operators across the globe over the past 2 decades, and although we've had partners in many other verticals too, iGaming is really a niche where we can offer true domain expertise.

In order to maximize the value we bring to the table, we felt that we really needed to start focusing on some major problems that exist in the world of digital marketing for iGaming companies. Media budgets here are being wasted due to lack of transparency, inefficiencies in tracking and optimization, and really just what we think is bad technology overall. No one has set out to solve these problems, because quite frankly, many stand to benefit from these inefficiencies, while the operators lose out. So the past year, we've really made it our mission to solve these problems, and now our website can finally reflect that focus too.

Our business is now focusing on four core areas:

Let's look at each of these by themselves.

We don't believe a general DSP can compete with one that specializes on one vertical only. AceDSP is our latest offering for iGaming operators that want custom built technology for their needs specifically. That means doing integrations with the right data partners & tech providers, as well as purpose built AI and optimization for iGaming campaigns specifically.

AceDSP is also connected to our proprietary DMP that allows our partners to build user segments based on user behavior. The combination of our two platforms is what makes out the foundation of AceDSP, but the technology alone wont work magic. Our vast experience as media buyers means that we know how to really implement and use the technology to set up, optimize, and scale the campaigns in an efficient and profitable way.

Back in 2015 we opened up our self-serve DSP for the first time for media buyers across all various verticals. Today, 5 years later, it's more polished and better than ever after years of improvements. Under its new name "Marketplace", our self-serve DSP continues to be a staple of affiliates and media buyers across a wide range of verticals including ecommerce, mobile apps, games, and so much more. It offers a powerful interface that gives users access to billions of impressions across formats such as native ads, push notification ads, and fullscreen formats such as popunders, tabunders, and various forms of interstitials.

The marketplace also benefits tremendously from the work that is done on our adtech engines for the iGaming operators, as it translates very well into other verticals too. Long-time Wiget partners will feel at home here just as before, whether you're looking to run mobile or desktop campaigns.

Although still in beta, we think React is one of our most exciting products in recent years, and one that brings tremendous value to iGaming affiliates. As an iGaming affiliate with your own properties (SEO, APP's, etc), you will have targeted and highly valuable traffic at your hands. However, most of the traffic actually wont convert into any FTD's, and therefore, most of it goes to waste.

By using React, you will now be able to store every single visitor to your web properties, and either use the data yourself to upsell and retarget the users, or package and sell the data. React gives you a brand new source of income, without interfering with your existing ones.

Custom Adtech

Having built adtech and martech for the past 2 decades makes us an ideal partner when it comes to exploring custom built technology for your digital marketing needs. Our experience covers having built a wide range of platforms in-house, from DSP's & SSP's, to DMP's and ad-exchanges.

Our platforms have managed billions of users as well as impressions, and we know how to build highly intelligent platforms that scale accordingly. Now, we can offer you everything from licensing our technology, to actually modify one of our platforms to your specific needs. This way we prevent our partners from reinventing the wheel and drastically reduce their time-to-market.

Needless to say, our entire team is proud of our achievements, and eager to start working with our partners on all the products that we have spent the past few years developing. When we ask ourselves what values Wiget bring to the table in 2020, the answer is clear to us, and now we want to make it clear to all of our partners too.

Written By
Soheil Amorpour
Soheil Amorpour