Jul 22, 2020

Wiget Covid19 Update

The past few months have changed the world in some fundamental ways. Social interaction is not what it used to be, and we are all trying to adapt to a set of new rules while waiting for scientific breakthrough in the situation. Whether this will be the new normal for a long period of time, or just temporarily, its' probably quite safe to say that at least some changes are here to stay.

For us at Wiget, the personal well-being of our team and their close ones was a top priority as soon as the situation escalated. Therefore, we took the decision early on to close down our offices and instead setting up a remote first work environment. We've been working quite flexibly the past few years anyway, both in terms of hours and location, so when Covid hit we saw it as an opportunity to really test a remote-first setup.

In terms of our business, we adapted quickly together with our partners, and really focused on what we could do in the short term perspective. Since many of our iGaming operators are focusing on sports betting, we had to cooperate to find new products and events that could make up for the loss of sport events around the world. We also saw an uptick in ecommerce related campaigns since more people went online for their shopping and entertainment needs.

We're glad to have found new work methods and strategies together with our partners, and that we've actually been able to truly stress test our businesses together. Having been able to deal so well with the Covid19 situation, we feel very confident moving into the second half of 2020. All we hope for now is that the world starts recovering on a larger scale, so that the lives of all the affected people can go back to some kind of a new normality. Meanwhile, Wiget will be here to help you in any way that we can.

Written By
Soheil Amorpour
Soheil Amorpour